HB 408 Expands School Breakfast Programs


Although the school year is over, I wanted to focus on what we can do to help Delaware students. That is why I introduced HB 408, which expands school breakfast programs in Delaware schools. Hunger is a major detriment to our children learning in school (12% of school-aged kids skip breakfast).

While schools typically serve breakfast before school starts, many students may miss this opportunity to eat breakfast for a variety of reasons, such as tight morning arrival times and the social stigma attached to the traditional school breakfast program. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, as many as 12 percent of school-aged children skip breakfast.

House Bill 408 directs Delaware schools to adopt proven “Alternative Service Models” that have been shown to increase the number of students who eat breakfast at school, which in turn leads to better attendance rates, a reduction in disciplinary problems, and improved test scores, research has shown.

This legislation is supported by the Food Bank of Delaware, the DSEA and the state Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) and was passed by the General Assembly on July 1st. I look forward to Governor Markell signing the bill into law.

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