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Rep. Osienski Shows Support For SEIU Local 32BJ

Rep. Osienski joined members of SEIU Local 32BJ to show support with their on-going struggle with Optima Cleaning Systems in Wilmington, DE. In 2009 LU 32BJ filed an unfair labor practice against Optima with the NLRB. The case accused Optima of violating National Labor Relations Act by discriminating against employees in terms of hiring, tenure, and conditions of employment.

This thereby discouraged its employees from becoming members in a labor organization. The case was settled and seven employees received back pay totaling nearly $25,000.

Newark Train Station Project Receives TIGER IV Grant

Rep. Osienski was on hand to hear the exciting news that Delaware has received a $10 million U.S. Department of Transportation TIGER IV grant for the Newark Regional Transportation Center Station Improvement Project. The grant will enable the transformation of the Newark Train Station into a multi-modal hub.

FMC BioPolymer Celebrates 50 Years in Newark

Representative Osienski attended the FMC BioPolymer 50 year anniversary at their Newark plant. FMC is a great example of how a local manufacturing facility can be successful in Delaware. In fact, they are so successful that they are currently expanding and adding new jobs in Newark.

Ed is also a member of the FMC Community Advisory Panel.

House Concurrent Resolution 49 Honors Food Bank of DE

Representative Ed Osienski sponsored House Concurrent Resolution 49, honoring the Food Bank of Delaware. The Food Bank does amazing work in the 24th District and across the state.

Please consider donating non-perishable food items to the Food Bank to help the hungry in Delaware.

House Bill 314 Passes the House

May 15, 2012– House Bill 314, sponsored by Rep. Ed Osienski, has passed the House of Representatives. The bill deletes all references in the Delaware Code to the Margaret S. Sterck School for the Deaf and now references the Statewide Programs for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf-Blind.

Rep. Osienski speaks on behalf of HB 314


New Castle County CERT
I was one of the 21 volunteers who took part in the New Castle County CERT (community emergency response team) training class at the Brookside Community Center on March 6, 2010.

My children and I have lived in the 24th District for the past twenty three years and are very proud to call the Newark area our home.  We reside in Scottfield where I currently serve as Vice President of the Scottfield Civic Association (  Being an officer in a civic association has given me direct experience working on the issues that are of direct concern to homeowners and I have learned just how important it is to have a state representative active, supporting our needs, and present at every meeting.  When neighborhoods struggle with issues such as vandalism, speeding motorists, deteriorating streets, crime and drug activity, our state and local representatives need to work together with the homeowner associations to keep our community’s safe, clean and protected.

There are almost 30 civic/maintenance association within the 24th District and as your next State Representative, I plan to work diligently with those organizations, attending meetings, advocating for our district needs and working with public and private agencies to keep our communities safe and strong.  I will work to increase funding for the Community Transportation Fund, which is used to repair the streets in our neighborhoods, and continue to support programs like the Crime Prevention Area Watch (CPAW, to empower every home owner to actively get involved in these efforts.  In addition, I will forge strong partnerships with our local law enforcement agencies to better communicate our needs and protect our communities in the 24th District from crime.

Working with you, my goal is to provide everyone the services, help and support to ensure that every neighborhood is a place we can feel safe and proud to live and raise a family.

Delaware City Refinery purchased!

Thomas D. O'Malley and Ed Osienski
Thomas D. O'Malley and Ed Osienski

PBF Energy CEO Thomas D. O’Malley and Ed Osienski meet Monday June 1 2010 at the Delaware City Refinery to discuss the final settlement on the company’s $220 million purchase of the refinery and the $130 million refurbishment. Some 500 full-time employees and 200 full time contractors are expected to work at the plant once regular operations resume.